Question about Python-zope, Puppet

NethServer Version: 7.9.2009
Module: Default install from ISO


Just did a fresh install of NethServer on an APU, installation with serial console…

So far no issues, only two small questions:

  • Is Zope actually used on NethServer, and if not, why is python-zope installed?
  • Is Puppet used on Nethserver, and if not, why is puppet installed at all?

Just curious…

My 2 cents

AFAIK zope is used in SOGo (only?) Could it be that python-zope is just part of the python (scl?) package and installed when you install anything python?
I doubt Puppet is used in NS…

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In a default installation from ISO?
No SoGo or anything chosen…

No need either for puppet, AFAIK either…



Seems like puppet has something to do with the Netserver subscription.

And Zope seems more integrated than I’d expect…

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Nethserver subscription uses a part of puppet, see documentation.

The python-zope-* package seem to provide parts of the zope toolkit, check this link.

Hi @mrmarkuz

That’s a bit like saying installing Office installs Word…

I know what Zope is, i was only wondering WHAT on NethServer uses Zope…

Just for fun, without actually running it, just for seeing, run:

yum remove zope

A lot of stuff…

My 2 cents

Seems certbot requires parts of zope, see for example this github issue

# yum deplist python2-certbot
  dependency: python-zope-component
   provider: python-zope-component.noarch 1:4.1.0-5.el7
  dependency: python-zope-interface
   provider: python-zope-interface.x86_64 4.0.5-4.el7

OK, thx, was just curious…