Question about migration NS7 -> NS8 and NethSecurity

Hello NS-Community,

At the moment I have 2 NS8 VM’s en 1 NethSecurity VM ready on my Proxmox cluster and preparing for the migration from my current NS7 VM to the new NS8.

I do have one question: say I would trade in my current hardware internet router/firewall for NethSecurity (and let that handle local things like internal DNS and DHCP), what would be the preferred / best way to go:

  • forward the ports 80/443 to the NS8 server and let that handle the LE certificates for internet websites/apps (as I do now with NS7), or
  • let NethSecurity handle that via Reverse Proxy + LE requests

From another post I learned that it also possible to mix this, so too many possibilities :grinning:

If you only have one IP, it’s not really possible to mix, as ports like 443 (or 80) can’t be “split up” to two different reverse proxies…

If using DNS based LE verification, it would not even be needed… :slight_smile:

My 2 cents