Question about Fail2ban

**NethServer Version: Latest version

Hi I have install two nethservers, one for webmail and one for nextcloud.
Both goes public with HTTPS but I wonder if I can use Fail2ban to make them more secure.
I like to make a block so if someone write the password (or username) wrong 5 times it going to ban at least 1 hour.

Have look in the guide and is not so easy for me to understand :slight_smile: but first I need to make sure it can connect to nextcloud and roundcube webmail.

Yes you can. Pre-configured jails are available for roundcube, nextcloud and other services.
Here is a partial sample of the configuration options:
For more granular control, the MaxRetry attempts can be customized per jail from the command line (through NethServer/e-smith config database).

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