Question about adagios and win Agent Installing

Hi. Cant get how to add windows-client to Adagios with passive checks. There’s button Install Agent, when i’ve added the host in Adagios. But it can’t install - “Warning! Cannot connect to cel-mfo1 on port 22 or 445. No install method available”. I used log/passw of win admin on clent-host.

I know its noobie question, but i’ve took much googlin’ and dont get where to start at this point.

Hi @Artem_Voylenko, thanks for asking!

I hope @nrauso or other Adagios experts have a word for you!

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@ironsky is another who can lend a hand here

Hi @Artem_Voylenko!
First of all, try to take a look to the client injection log (here’s the path: /var/log/okconfig/install_nsclient.log).
You should find some more useful information to debug the problem there.
Try to check:

  • if the file and printer sharing feature on Windows machine is turned on;
  • if Windows machine network configuration is set on “private” or “domain” (not “public”);
  • if the admin shares (i.e. C$) are working correctly.

Let me know! :wink: