Python 3.7 - SCL or...?

Since automx is EOL, I’d like to see if I can get automx2 packaged and integrated:

Apparent problem, though, is that it requires Python 3.7 or later. I thought I’d seen something about it being available via Software Collections, but I’m not finding it–any ideas? Interestingly, even CentOS 8 has the same Python3 version (3.6.8) as CentOS 7.

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AFAIK python36 is latest python release available on EL7 :frowning:

What about EL8? I was a little surprised to see the same version (3.6.8) there. And the 3.6 branch will reach end of support next year.

I do not really know. Probably you can try using a container.

I think it’s quite strange the project requires a the 3.7 version :frowning:

Why? 3.7 has only been out for two years, after all…