Pulling mail from another from another mail host

This maybe a simple question.

Can I set up the mail server in Nethserver to pull email from another mail host, in this case GoDaddy?

I have just consolidated a lot of domain names from a couple of hosting companies to GoDaddy to save money and only have one set of tools to administer them all from one place.

One of my domains provides my main email accounts for myself and my family but GoDaddy’s email is a bit stingy when it comes to space.

After moving from one provider to GoDaddy I lost a lot of historical email in the process, my fault mainly - I thought I would have more time from requesting to close my old account to move it to a new one so I could have backed up all the old mail, turns out they turned it off almost immediately.

In order to avoid that again if in the future I move from GoDaddy and have the ability to back up mail I want to hold my own mail on my own box.

What I want to do is pull email from GoDaddy addressed to a.name@mydomain.co.uk and use a client at home to pick it up from my Nethserver and send out as a.name@mydomain.co.uk from my client via the Nethserver to the SMTP servers at GoDaddy if possible.

When I have that working reliably I will look at providing a webmail type solution with remote access to my server

Is this simple to achieve and can anybody point me where to start.

Indeed, it’s a common use case. You have to

  • create users and email address
  • configure the pop3 connector binding godaddy’s account with NethServer accounts
  • point your client to NethServer IMAPS + SMTPS
  • use godaddy as smarthost for NethServer

Is the path clear enough?

Enough to get started at least :smile:


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