Public mailbox access?

NethServer Version: latest

(I also open a different topic with similar content, to concentrate on the different questions)

I have a case where users, have personal email, but …are not considered personal (whatever comes and goes the company needs to know - so that they know it is handled). To the knowledge of the users of course.

So the arrangement we are thinking to setup is this:

  • Setup normal user email.
  • Setup a public mailbox where every inbound and outgoing mail of the users is forwarded to (as a copy).
  • Normal user email also gets the mail (and sent) but only to keep open cases and then they can manually delete, as the whole thread is kept in public mailbox.
  • Public mailbox has all the necessary “tree” for different cases, open, closed etc.
  • Users need to be able to access the public mailbox (I open a separate topic for this).

So, this public email, is it accessible over mobile, web, desktop mail client? It needs to be opened as a separate mailbox? Is it “included” (i.e. shown) in the mailbox tree of users that can access it? Something else? The documentation doesn’t help much in this respect.