Proxmox VM Nic requirements when running Nethserver as AD controller - Promiscuous mode?

NethServer 7.8.2003

Hello Forum,

I’m inquiring to confirm any needed requirements when running Nethserver on Proxmox as an AD controller. I have 6 Proxmox Nodes in a cluster and any one of these nodes could house my Nethserver VM. I’ve read a comment in the following post regarding ensuring that Promiscuous mode is enabled on the interface settings of my VM in Proxmox. Is this a requirement? What happens if I don’t enable Promiscuous mode?

If I need Promiscuous mode enabled on my Nethserver VM would I use the following instruction:

ip link set vmbr0 promisc on

And if I move my Nethserver VM do I need to re-enable it again on my new Proxmox Host?

Thanks in advance for any information you can provide me on these requirements.


Hi Charles

Proxmox has basically promiscuous mode already enabled, out of the box… I’ve never since moving away from VMWare needed to think about that! :slight_smile:

If all Proxmox are in one cluster, you can move (see migrate on the left in each VM) any OS within 90 seconds (Depending on RAM & Total NIC speed)… This needs shared storage to work. Otherwise: Backup, remove, and restore on the required node.

Note: CPU, RAM, HW-ID, Disks & even MAC Adress are migrated, so no worries even if you, for example, have a licensed NethServer…

My 2 cents

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Thanks once again @Andy_Wismer (you seem to be everywhere!!! :slight_smile:) for your helpful comments.

Nice to know that promiscuous mode is already enabled out of the box. All my servers are in one cluster (I do not have shared storage but it’s very easy to shutdown and migrate over my Infiniband network I have in place for backup/migration purposes.


I would like to suggest that the following wiki page:

be updated to include Proxmox for running Nethserver and that promiscuous mode is already enabled in Proxmox.



Helping people “see the light” with open source is one way I give back to a great community. The smoother the experience, the better.

How do you find Proxmox compared to VirtualBox, now that you’ve used both?


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Hi @Andy_Wismer!

When I first starting working for our small business around 10 years ago they started with two small laptops. But they wanted to build out workstations with computers connected to a central database so I at first began using Virtualbox then moved to VMware Player on one server. I wanted to build out a more redundant solution and began looking at Citrix. I happened upon Proxmox and was immediately happy with what it provided for free! To ensure we had good support of Proxmox I found on the Proxmox website I could get support here in Canada from (turns out that Wasim wrote more than a few books on how to use Proxmox). Each release Proxmox just gets better and better! I don’t have central (Ceph) storage but even on local storage (using a separate Infiniband network) I can still have replication of my critical servers drives to other nodes (on a schedule), I have nightly backups enabled (hot) and I can use snapshots before I make any application or patching changes to a VM. And the latest 6.2-4 version has added in zStandard backup which is faster and smaller in size! just amazing. :slight_smile: :grin:

I see you are a big proponent of using Proxmox…nice to meet a fellow Proxmox supporter. :slight_smile:



I used to use VMWare - since Beta 1999. 7-8 years ago, started looking for something with more linux inside - without needing a windows server to administrate a linux box.

Proxmox won my internal evaluation by far - I do have plenty of experience with Xen, VirtualBox, Hyper-V and Parallels.

I wouldn’t want to use another solution than Proxmox now… Happy with it! :slight_smile:

I have a few friends who use the unlicenced version (Just as stable), but my clients and I use a licensed version - supporting the distro this way!


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We also use the licensed version (you can’t beat the price of a Proxmox subscription!) and like you I support free projects for my business purposes.

I also found the use of used ebay Supermicro servers (if anyone is interested I can recommend my supplier from my US in California) for running my Proxmox nodes has provided me the ability to have a large number of servers for redundancy, very inexpensive hardware and hypervisor software and an enterprise level solution even our small business can rely on. I can’t believe more people don’t know about or use Proxmox. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your comments/thoughts @Andy_Wismer and for your continued support of all my Nethserver questions.


Get one of those SuperMicros, and set up FreeNAS with ZFS as shared Storage for your Proxmox Cluster… You’ll love it.
Live, running migration - in 90 seconds! :slight_smile:

Proxmox is stable and great, but this gives great flexibility…

End of month, the bookkeeping lady is doing salaries, and the ERP is running on a Proxmox node giving funny errors… Not the stuff for the faint of heart… With Proxmox, just live-migrate it to another node, shut down or replace the defective node…
No sweat!
And the lady doesn’t have to know what she didn’t notice (The live migration!).


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