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Following on from some interesting discussions advocating the use of proxmox i was interested in the communities thoughts around using this product without paying the subscription fee - my main objection to paying is not the principle but because the charging model is based around cpus, and im using old multi core servers, i could foot a considerable bill for relatively low performance!.. is this tool viable without their support or does it risk being too flaky for a small business to run their servers off… a little subjective i know but im interested in your opinions!

I run two Proxmox hosts, both on dual-socket X5650s. I have a subscription for one and not the other. Both work fine. I see occasional slight differences in the updates available (which is to be expected, as they’re using different repos), but I can’t tell any difference in stability or usability.


thanks Dan - that sounds a reasonable way to go - thanks for your thoughts

From the little I know of Proxmox I would say the paid subscription is only worth it if your using it in a production environment and need the support. As mentioned you may see some differences in updates, but they should be minor.

If your comfortable using it and fixing it when/if problems arise and its not critical you have 100% uptime, the only reason I can think of is to support the project.


I support around 20 ProxMox servers, at clients, friends and my own testing / productive environment.
Not all are paid subscriptions, but whatever: ProxMox is really stable!

Use what you’re comfortable with, don’t forget regular backups (ProxMox has that built-in for Guests).
If you’re not familiar with ZFS - don’t use it (yet)! I’d suggest using XFS for the ProxMox itself, you are offered the options during setup…

Try it, you’ll be really pleasantly surprised!

My 2 cents

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I am running a proxmox server hosting 10 servers and 30ish clients without subscription, Users are annoyed by the message popup, other then that everything works. I delay updates a bit to prevent issues.
I will license the server, but have had a year of trouble-free running.

No functionality is limited.

Given your mentioning of multi-core servers, I presume you mean multi-cpu ? If not, if you have a single socket in use, even if it has 20 cores, that counts as one.

This scenario would be just short of € 1600,- on their premium supportplan. That, to me, is not expensive.
If, otoh, you have 4 sockets with 10 cores, this is not funny, granted.

Besides an annoying popup, there is not really any issue with running the totally free an unsupported version, and there are howto’s around on how to get rid of that popup.

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The pop-up message is easily removed

chuttttttt :slight_smile:

For pve 5.1 this doesn’t seem to work (for me it doesn’t anyway) But I am not that bothered with the nag screen…

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yes the move the pop up code at every release

this post is just to say hello to proxmox users :slight_smile: I’m running 2 clusters and almost 20 standalones and I still very recommend this platform. … still waiting for zfs-replication to become more stable and able to survive all split-brains I could imagine :slight_smile:
All prox-platforms except one in my lab have community subscription



Free as freedom but not free as free beer :smiley:

Promote the work, but do not forget to promote the men and the enterprise behind

Thank for your feedback