Proxmox Shoutout from a stupid one

NethServer Version: 7.9
Module: your_module
Hey Guys, i am such a stupid guy. maybe someone of you can help or have an idea for me. Here is what happened. I was playing around a bit with the new Nethserver 8 installation in a custom container the last few days. Unfortunately I made a mistake with the shell on the Proxmox and accidentally ran the NS8 installation on the Proxmox server (thisn command curl | bash) Now I can no longer get to the interface of the Proxmox. All VMS are running and it seems that the whole system is running. Any Ideas? Is it possible to deinstall it by Cli? because via Putty i am able to go on the Proxmox. Thanks in advance for your time.

There is an uninstall script but beware as it can remove /home/* files/directories (after a quick look at the code it seems to remove user directories ended with a number).

bash /var/lib/nethserver/node/
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i interrupt the installation, so the directorys are empty. i also dont have files in ```
/var/lib/nethserver/node. If i run the uninstallscript with bash, this happen:
cat: /var/lib/nethserver/node/state/coreimage.lst: No such file or directory
Clean up firewalld core rules
Warning: NOT_ENABLED: http
Warning: NOT_ENABLED: https
awk: cannot open /etc/wireguard/wg0.conf (No such file or directory) line 54: runagent: command not found
Stopping the core services
Failed to disable unit: Unit file api-server.service does not exist.
userdel: user ‘api-server’ does not exist
Wipe Redis DB
Error: no volume with name “redis-data” found: no such volume
Deleting cluster and agent core modules
Failed to disable unit: Unit file agent@node.service does not exist.
Removing main directories
Uninstalling the core image files
Some files may be left in the following directories:
Wipe Podman storage
A storage.conf file exists at /etc/containers/storage.conf
You should remove this file if you did not modified the configuration.
Clean up /etc/hosts

What proxmox backups do you have?
proxmox vm shall be fine, but before fiddling more with the server you can make an extra backup just in case something goes south and a new proxmox install and backup restore is needed.

Maybe @Andy_Wismer has some tips on the best way to handle this situation.

It seems the ns8 installation didn’t get so far in the process, so you could try:

apt-get remove podman wireguard firewalld
rm "/etc/apt/sources.list.d/devel:kubic:libcontainers:stable.list"
rm "/etc/sysctl.d/80-nethserver.conf"

do not know it you are unable to access proxmox due to firewalld or something else.


YOU are my hero. the last remove podman did it, i can log in again, thank you so much !!!