Proxmox kernel 5.4.44 freeze

Using the CD/DVD place or internally?

I do have 4 Microserver G10, but at clients, not at home.


No, I meant the G10 has 4 Slots in front. Where does the 5th fit in?

I mounted the small ssd elsewhere inside, just with cable tie. This work for years now without any problems

OK. I know you can also put a SSD in the DVD slot, if it’s not used.

I assume these Proxmox-NAS are all stand alone, not clustered with the others doing actual virtualization

Actually, even for FreeNAS/TrueNAS, multiprotocoll locking (Actually working) still doesn’t seem feasilble on most systems. Meaning: A share with NFS / CIFS and maybe AFP (Apple) will not support a lock from another sharing protocoll, meaning corruption can occur if several protocolls are used

Eg: a Linux user accesses an XL file from his linux workstation with NFS. A Windows user want’s to access the same file - and can do so, because for CIFS it’s not locked. So two users have r/w access to the same file - welcome race condition!

Even Windows can’t really handle this very well.

The only system where this “worked” usable enough was Novell in my experience.

My 2 cents

Mine? My FreeNAS is in its own chassis, and uses a mix of 24 disks at present. About half of them (all the 8TB and 12TB disks) are shucked WD Elements disks, most (but not all) of which have a white label, but appear to be WD Reds. The remainder (4TB and 6TB) are a mix of WD Reds with a few Red Pros, Seagate Ironwolfs (Ironwolves?), and there’s still one “white label” disk hanging in there (which I’d never recommend).


Seagate Ironwolfs (Ironwolves?)
Tough one!

I think really linguistically correct would be “Seagate Ironwolf disks” with the plural on the disks.

With “shucked WD Elements” do you mean SHR?
Any issues on your end with those? eg resilvering


You’re probably right, and that’s probably the more trademark-correct way to go too.

No, they aren’t SMR–though WD seriously screwed the public (and their reputation) with their recent move on the Red 2-6TB disks, anything larger is still CMR (and my Reds predate that idiocy). Shucking is the process of removing the bare drive from an external drive. Why do this? Well, because for some strange reason, external drives are often much less expensive. I bought six WD Elements external 12TB drives for $190 each. The WD Red 12TB is over $300 each. Removing the bare drive from the Elements enclosure is the work of a couple of minutes, tops. Yes, it voids the warranty (unless I RMA it back in its original case), but with that much of a cost delta I don’t much care.

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understand " Shucking" now

Actually most HD companies give you a great price with their external disks, like Seagate’s Backup Hub Plus with 8 or 10 TB
 (I’m using 1 or 2 of these to Backup the whole NAS

The reason is simple: with their own sata adapter on a chip, they can calculate MTBF much more accurate, and this also allows for very slim calculations


thanks for the tips
need to check, my hard disks have around 50 000 hours, time for a change soon