Proxmox Backup Server - version 2.0

Hello Team!

I’ve just heard that Proxmox is releasing an upgrade to their Backup Server bringing their version to 2.0. Two major upgrades for Proxmox…they’ve been busy.

Details can be found here:

Some hi-lites I’m looking forward to using:

  • Improve restore flexibility, allowing you to select multiple snapshots for one restore job
  • Read chunks sorted by inode on backup, to leverage improved read speed on slow spinning disks with increased sequential access
  • Single file-restore support for VMs that use ZFS or LVM internally
  • New Repository management panel in the Administration tab shows an in-depth status and a list of all configured repositories - Basic repository management, for example, activating or deactivating a repository, is also supported.
  • Support setting comments on a backup group

I was hoping for work to be done to allow for emails to be sent from tasks running on PBS. Similar to the “Email From Address” on PVE.

Caution though…seems that this upgrade (like PVE version 7) - this upgrade may change the interface networking so if you use Mellanox (Infiniband) you may need to check if your networking has changed after upgrade.


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