Providing Single Sign On (SSO) using Google Apps

I would like to see Nethserver provides SSO using Google Apps for Educational purposes.

Ehi @fanwood,
thanks for posting your first feature request :full_moon_with_face:
Can you provide us some real cases and scenarios? Can you try to explain to us WHY and HOW NethServer should have this?

Do you mean something like this?

Although I can see the reasoning behind this: A lot of schools already use Googleapps for education. But this is imo a big infringement of privacy. I know, Google swears (cross their hart, so help God blah blah … etc) they don’t expose private information, but since Edward Snowden I DO NOT TRUST THEM. (With a thick fat period)
So what is the alternative? We create the service ourselves so we control it and know for sure that sensitive and personal information is not being used to “help getting a better experience” (/sarcasm intended).

The options that are available are using nextcloud with a LibreOffice Online implementation.
I would prefer it to put effort in getting that into NethServer than getting GoogleApps for Education integration.
Don’t forget you will have to give the Google Apps environment access to your Samba4 directory… Something in me is VERY reluctant to do that.


Google Apps and Microsoft with free courses, free licenses etc. to teachers are also more aggressive in Italian school market…sobh !!! I hope someone, in someday will be able to provide a DebianEdu alternative based on Nethserver: that product has all the necessary stuff including the SSO.

We can do this together! I like the NethServerEdu idea :slight_smile:

DebianEdu/Introduction - Debian Wiki

Who is behind it? Skolelinux has three employees. One has responsibility for development and documentation and two have responsibility for user administration and the international aspects of Skolelinux.


There is a lot going around in educational Linux Server environments: If you are looking for an Ubuntu based version: It covers a modular server and a client. Windows and Mac for the clients are supported by the server.

Integration with Google Suite for single sign on is a requirement of our use case. although it’s for a commercial environment, not for education.

Which is your use case? Can you add some details?

Sure! And if I miss any detail you want please let me know.

We’re an Isp and msp in Auckland and Sydney called tangelo. Most clients are in the advertising and entertainment industry. One in particular has hired us to do a significant overhaul to their computing infrastructure and one part of that will be to implement single sign on for some services, such as workstations and their Truenas unit. Their logins and passwords are a total mess and we really want their login procedure simple, so we can implement a password rotation policy that doesn’t completely piss everyone off, haha. At least if their password changes they’ll have only one to change for the basics.

Google suite is their email and storage for some collaborative documents. This is primarily a Mac shop. Tangelo has more experience with ms ad but I’m an open source fan personally and our clients CFO has asked us to try their implementation without ms because he has had bad experiences with ms licensing in the past, plus they’re a Mac shop.

Has anyone accomplished integration with g suite?

Honestly, I haven’t seen many requests on this so far and I don’t know what does it involve.
@chuckk @Bart @chcllc @swannhome @panzerphreak @greavette @bwdjames @Mark @Miko10 @ssabbath do you ever use this app on ClearOS?

@alefattorini No, haven’t used it on ClearOS, never had a reason to when I was using ClearOS, but I can certainly see a use-case for it and I’m becoming more of a SSO fan in the past 18 months.

Just out of interest (and I haven’t read up much into it yet so I don’t know the answer to this question), how easy or difficult would it be to integrate an SSO feature into NethServer?

Why? I’d like to gather as thoughts as possible on this topic

With managing multiple systems, the multiple different credentials sprawl gets difficult to manage and having an SSO option makes life easier to manage the different systems.

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Hi Alessio,

I’m sorry but I never used ClearOS with the single sign on stuff. Just as a regular domain controller.


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Thanks guys, it was just to know how other projects are using this feature