Proposals for a new NethServer catchphrase

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Maybe is it time to change our catchphrase?

Something like:

  • NethServer The All-In-One solution which makes Linux Easy
  • NethServer: Making Server Linux Easy.

Other proposals? Let’s start with an open brainstorming.
It should:

  • be catchy
  • be not too long
  • show most famous NethServer features
  • highlight NethServer mission

“The unique versatile and modular server thar fit your need”

The unique modular server which makes Linux super easy

I think the Linux don’t need to be a part of the Catchphrase. I think it is more important what you are able to do, not what it is based on.
Some Ideas (some are not good :wink: ):
NethServer: Your All-In-One Solution
NethServer: UTM, Mailserver, Webserver and much more
NethServer: Your modulized All in One Server
NethServer: All you need
NethServer: Your Server
NethServer: Secure, Communicate, Store
NethServer: One for all - Easy for everybody


This is nice :thumbsup: sounds very good to me.


Also my favorite :slight_smile:


I love the last one, or Nethserver: All you need.

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Good try guys, I remind you that we will use the catchphrase everywhere :slight_smile:
It has to rock!

My two-cents worth:

A catch-phase has to be short and sweet, and encapsulate the core benefits. The two things that stand out are that it’s modular, and it can fit all needs. Build it around that: “All-in-one Modular Server Solution”


The famous phrase is: all for one, one for all
We can change it in

“All in One - Easy for All”

Any other suggestions? I’m working on a small banner for ads and a good catchphrase could help :slight_smile:

I use the blender and …

Nethserver: A server solution easy for all

NethServer: the swiss-knife for your small business!


If you don’t mind, one more :slight_smile:

Nethserver: Easy managing your Business IT

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Nethserver, all your needs in the easy way

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It is a very bad joke, I know. :weary: But my mind could not avoid.
I’ve only eaten Mac Donald when I feel that all is lost … I do not like to eat “that”

Off topic. Sorry

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The server that does it all.

We should be ready to have it make some coffee :grin:

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Small Business Server Linux Server Made Easy
Linux Server Made Easy
what do you think?

Slight variation of that:

Small Business Linux Server Made Easy

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Too long? How does it sound?