Proper procedure to change IP address of nethserver after it already had been joined to a MS Active Directory

NethServer Version: 7

Hello Nethserver Community!

I have a nethserver deployment which was joined to a MS Active Directory based on Windows Server 2012. Only email is served on this nethserver. All email accounts were created based on MS ADC. Recently we have the need to move the ADC to a different IPv4.

My question is what would be the correct procedure to change the IPv4 of nethserver so it does not lose any account. The ADC is still the same, just IP is changed to a new subnet.


You need to:

  1. Unbind the machine from the AD domain. Go to Server Manager, under “Account provide” page, and click on “Unbind” button
  2. Reconfigure the network
  3. Do again the join procedure

During the procedure, the server will not be able to see the users so some mail could be rejected.