Project Management

Well, maybe Zammad could be sorted as Project Management.
Or… should be better use something like Trello? Asana… Or maybe something else?

github gets a dashboard, maybe simple but efficient

GitHub as Jira are designe for software develompent, and as far as i can remember, the first one is… online, not on NethServer…

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You can use something like taiga but I don’t know if it’s installable on NethServer

Openproject seems available for CentOS.
Or is a bit… Big?

First thing that comes into my mind when you need a “trello-like” self-hosted solution: Kanboard.

When installing on NethServer you probably want to use a Virtualhost.

We have Phabricator for nethserver. I have been using more than a year so far and it works great.
It has many other functionalities but you can disable all of them and use only the project and task management feature.