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Hi mates
i have a question
when i add new profile for web content filtering to apply only on certain group or user , it applies on all users and group because i can’t find some way to disable or edit the default web content filter profile
is there any way to delete the default/edit profile for content filtering ? so that only the newly created profiles are active
thanks in advance

Hi hany, i should sleep after night-shift , after it ill try to help

thank you so much

Hi, @hany

  1. Run

    db contentfilter setprop default_profile Removable yes

  2. On WebUI Ctrl+F5

  1. As for now, You can delete default profile.

Hi @giacomo , @filippo_carletti ,

I have made pull request:

The default profile it’s mandatory, otherwise you can’t do configuration like “everyone can view anything except a set of users”

It’s not clear to me what you want to achieve, but you can leave the default profile as “all permitted”, thus it will no affect any user.

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the proble is that the default profile always overrides any other profile
for example when you try to block YouTube for a group of users
once you set another profile for one group of users and then enable the content filtering , the default profile override the custom profile and all users and all groups ae affected by this blocking , which is contrary to what is in the nethserver documents

thanks for the command NAS
i will try it

how can you edit the default profile to"all permitted" i can not see any edit buttons

Hi @hany ,

they have a way can view the log which computer connected with Computer name, IP address and MAC address?

As @Nas suggested, you should go inside the filter tab and check following option “Allow all, block selected content”. Leave all other options unchecked.

Sorry but the profile default is needed (for now).
Also the pull request doesn’t resolve the problem, since if you delete the record, it will be created as soon as the intialize-default-database actions is called by an event.

@haliparotin ,

You can see all statistics at Dashboard -> Applications -> Lightsquid

actually i don’t like the fact that you don’t have control over all ssl websites , when i set profile to Transparent with SSL , it still block all the ssl websites not filtering them according to the blacklist
i got ssl certificate from rapidssl , i thought this may help in the ssl content filtering
all the ssl websites are blocked not filtered and i think there’s no way to filter the ssl websites , it all or non job which makes the web filtering non beneficial
because when you block http://youtube , the user can still access it through https protocol
and when you enable Transparent with SSL all the ssl websites are blocked including the good ones
i though if i have a custom ssl certificate for the domain hosted by the server this will enable the server to intervene ssl connections and filter them , but i was very wrong


Plase describe all cases in detail + attach there LOG files.

We can create BUG or Enhancement.

this is a major issue not only related to nethserver , it is there with zentyal , clearOS , and other server
it is inability to filter out https protocol
you can check

you can find tons of topics about this issue

lets say you want to block facebook
if you chooses transparent , then you will only block
but at the same time you can easily open https://www,

if u choosed transparent with ssl then that all block all the https protocol website like the online banking and shopping and every single website that uses the encrypted protocol https

this is a huge issue related to https web content filter and IMHO will never be fixed

Hi hany,

Please read this: Facebook blocking

I’m shure you will find some answers there, also about how to use Transparent with SSL ( Facebook blocking - #23 by alefattorini ).

@GG_jr can you create a new wiki doc about this? It would be extremely helpful for everyone especially for newcomers, please think about it :wink:

Ping @GG_jr :slight_smile: @jim will be happy to help you

I will try to write about this as soon as possible (most probably in weekend).

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