Problems with port forwarding

NethServer Version: 7.6.1810
Module: Port Forwarding

Hi to everybody,
Recently I have installed fresh NS7.6.1810 as a router, updated it, installed Basic Firewall and OpenVPN and now I am trying to setup port forwarding (I have done it allready on my main router so it should go easy).
So I went to port forwarding and done it like this:
Protocol: TCP
WAN IP (red interface): I have choosed by IP
Origin port: 8099
Destination port: 80
Destination host: some_host_with_www
Allow only from: empty
Description: my www srv inside lan

SUBMIT and… this port is not forwarded…

I must sadly say that I am fighting with this for a while and even installed on separate hardrive other distro(debian based) and the port forwarding is working… (why???)

So my question is does anybody has any clues what to check ?
Thanks in advance

OK after struggling with it for a (big) while i have found the solution, by reading this post

The problem was not on NethServer but on… Windows Server with 2 NIC.
NIC#1 is connectect to my main network with gateway pointed to main router.
NIC#2 is connected to my second network but it has not setup gateway to second router. On debian based linux port forwarding was working in this case, but on NethServer it is not.
So I have to input to NIC#2 gateway IP of secondary router (of course WinServer shout on me because this should’nt be setup like this…)

I found it by setting up also OpenVPN and when I was unable to get into the second LAN, I have started to search the forum for a solution.

I am curious why NS need to be set as GW and debian based distro handle it without problems :thinking: