Problems with Nextcloud Apps when moving to new hardware

NethServer : 7.9.2009
Nextcloud : 1.19.3

Nethserver runs with Sogo and Nextcloud + 2 nextcloud apps (deck and calendar),
Nextcloud calendar offers some features that are not present under Sogo.
The hardware has now reached its performance limit.
A new server was set up = new installation
The duplicity backup of the “old” server was then restored to the new server.
Everything seemed to work fine, but when I checked Nextcloud, the Deck and Calendar launch icons were missing.
We could activate the deck with
occ enable:deck

occ enable:calendar
was executed, but the calendar icon did not appear

A check of the directories under /usr/share/nextcloud/apps showed that only the directory deck exists,
however, the directory calendar is not, although /usr/share/nextcloud/apps is included in the backup list.

How do we have to proceed?? Where’s the trick?
Switching to Sogo Calendar is out of the question!

You didn’t say anything about Admin, is calendar available, can you install it from the Nextcloud Admin gui interface under Apps?

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Excuse me…
the same … at first time admin couldn’t see the icons of calendar and deck.

occ enable:deck

we could see deck icon and data ok.


occ enable:calendar

no effect

In configuration… Apps … calendar is activ. But no icon !
It’s only possible to deinstall > new install > set activ…
But this way lost all termines.

… found the solution :slight_smile:
You have to proceed as follows:

  • Install nethserver on new hardware and basic configuration
  • Install nextcloud manually
  • Log in to nextcloud as an admin
  • Install and activate nextcloud calendar and deck
  • restore nethserver configuration
  • restore nethserver data

The reason is - nethserver “doesn’t know” which apps are installed under nextcloud …