Problems with Mail App on iPhone with POP3

Hello to all,

I use NethServer 6.7 as mail server. I have setup the mx record, and all works fine with IMAP, Webtop Module, etc.etc.
I’m having problems with the Mail App on iPhone. I had to configure the Mail App on an iPhone client with POP3 protocol. Every 20 minutes, the mail client indicates all emails as unread. Obviously the mail are all read. All right, of course, with the IMAP protocol. Any idea of why it doesn’t work?
I can’t force the iPhone owner to use IMAP or change phone :wink:


Why? You already explain that you configure the IMAP protocole and you set POP3 on the iphone!!!
Setup the IMAP TOO

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It is expected behavior because POP3 fetch all mail to the Iphone :slight_smile: also you can send your iPhone to me as a gift and buy Android instead :slight_smile:

Because the final user is afraid of missing some messages by reading them on the run on the phone. I explained him that IMAP has a lot of advantages, but he doesn’t want to use it. So… And idea? Preferably not to shutdown the pop protocol support at all . :joy:

Not mine. I have an iPhone, but I alway use IMAP also with Google Apps for Work :wink:

I have clients which have iPhone and use POP3 or IMAP / SOGo with no issues

Sorry to say this, but you make an error to let the user choose what protocol.

In this case, the best protocol is IMAP, this one had been specificly made to be fully operational with various type of access ( destop access, thin client, etc, etc…)

Now than he had choose, and made the wrong choice… You had to convince him the the IMAP is the best protocol for his purpose…

POP3 is the past…

Even that, it must work!

As @Jim says, give the iPhone’s user some reasons why IMAP is more convenient.
Otherwise, if the problem is that the unread messages counter is showing wrong numbers, see if this helps:

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Did you read the two wikipedia links?

In POP(3), the client work with the “local” copy. When with MAP, the client work on the server.

  • I.E: when a POP3 client read a message, the original message on the server can be unread, until a synchrozination occur…

With IMAP, the mail client work directly with the server. if the client mark the message read, it’s read. Even another mail client ( an ipad ) at the same time, will have the message read.

IMAP is more broadband consuming, but, it’s better.

The fact that POP3 work an a local copy is worst if more than one email client connect at the same time… there’s LOT of problem of synchronization between clients.

For this reason, the IMAP come… To correct these inconvenients.

Jim, I had no choice. This user did’nt choose. He pretended to use POP. I explained all the features, all the pros of imap. Nothing. In some case, the SysAdm has no voice… especially when the idiot who wants something awful is the one who pays your salary :wink:

Guys, this issue is solved. The “good person” who owns this iPhone made iOS update at noun and the problem disappear. He just forgot to tell me… When I asked him if his phone is up to date, this morning, obviously he sweared me it was updated yesterday. Bad liar. 9.3.1 is onair since last thuesday.

So… it’s probably an iOS 9.2 and 9.3 iussue, solved by Apple.

Thank you all, guys.


I don’t like Apple!
Sorry Jim!

To be honest, the only thing I like from Apple it’s Facetime!

Yes, sometimes it can be tricky…
There’s sort of user that want to more expert than the expert. Worst when he be high in the hierarchy…

Happy for the happy end :smile: