Problems with Fileserver

NethServer Version: 7.7.1908 (final)
Module: Fileserver

Hi All,

I’ve just come back to looking at setting up a nethserver fileserver after looking at other things for quite some time.

I have a server 2019 (2016 level) AD domain I’ve sucessfully connected my nethserver to this and joined and it’s now visible as a device but any shares I create cannot be opened by either members of the owing group or indivdual users under ACLs.

The windows PCs prompt for username and password even when opened from a PC that is logged in with domain admin credentails but entering them does no good.

Any ideas as to things I could try or may have missed or messed up?

What OS do you use to access the fileshare? Is this a Win10 1709 or newer?
What happens if you try to access with a linux device?
Something to do with this:

Hi Robb,

It’s windows 10 1909 I’ll give it ago from a Linux client and report back. Thanks


That’s brilliant setting it to SMB3 seems to do the trick thanks for your help.

Tell a lie SMB3 isn;t working completley out of the box for me I was getting a a group policy container issue on smb3 switching to smb2 and that no longer seems to happen.

I’m not that worried though so will leave it as it is.

The group policy problem still exists but appears unrelated so I’ll raise a separate topic for that if I need to.

Thanks for all your help.

I hope that one day from the file server panel will be doable to choose the SMB version (first setup SMBv3)

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