Problems with communications via 443


NethServer Version: 6.10
343 / 5 000

I have a service set up, the server of which is inside my local network. Communication takes place via port 443. When I try to enter from the outside, everything works, but when I enter from a computer that is in the same local network as the service, but to its address exposed outside, there is a problem because communication does not return.


You need a DNS entry on your internal DNS server (your Nethserver?) which must be used by your PCs / other hosts in this network. The DNS entry must point to the internal IP of this “special” webserver…


special.domain.tld →

“special.domain.tld” should be the same as used externally…

Another option would be to use Hairpin NAT in the firewall options.
The first option does not have traffic pass unnecessarily twice through the firewall, as with the Hairpin option…

My 2 cents

Thank you for your answer. With this dns I think this is the best idea. I read about hairpin and it’s not safe.
Only where I can add such an entry, when I enter the DNS tab, I only have something like this:

Oh dear, you’re still using 6.x, I oversaw that in the title…

No matter, you can go to hosts Tab and add it in there…
(See top of that page you’re on)

I’d suggest thinking about an upgrade to 7.9… More secure and much better.

My 2 cents