Problems in squid

NethServer Version: 7.9
Module: squid

I have a big problem.
I have my installation of Nethserver and squid configured in mode “Transparent SSL”. The problem is that all the traffic is bypassing the Nethserver and I was looking at some help video and the REDIRECT rules on Shorewall are not in good way …
My installation:

GREEN: 192.168.252/24

Executing this comand:

[root@fw ~]# cat /etc/shorewall/rules | egrep REDIRECT
REDIRECT loc 3129 tcp 80 - !,
REDIRECT loc 3130 tcp 443 - !,

In the video I saw, the ips in REDIRECT rules are in other order, first !WAN and then LAN …

I want to know what is the correct way and how may I change them and get squid working correctly.

Thanks a lot.