Problem with the SMTP mail

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Prejudice, or a problem with the SMTP mail
NethServer server or domain example:
When sending a mail to a person who is not registered on NethServer but uses it externally from the remote server does not NethServer gives me the following error:

(There was an error when sending mail. The mail server responded:
5.1.1 Recipient address rejected: User unknown in virtual mailbox table.
Check the message recipient "" and try again.)

How can I do to solve this problem and send mail to the person who is not connected to the server and connected to the server but NethServer Remote.

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Hi Antonio, you need to make custom transport map, search on forum once i have made custom transport maps

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HI @k1000,

As we can see domain has one MX domain record.
So maybe you need to specify only relayhost to the

[root@nethserver postfix]# dig MX

;; ANSWER SECTION:               10447   IN      MX      10

[root@nethserver postfix]# dig

;; ANSWER SECTION:          13335   IN      A

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I get this off
See the attachment

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@k1000 ,
Thanks for clarification.

So now describe the scenario of how mail should pass through those servers.