Problem with namefield by proxy-settings

If I want to insert a bypass for example sites without proxy the name can’t begin with a capital, but the error message says that only letters after the first have to be small.
Sea the picture

In English is not so clear too:

first letter, than only lower letters, numbers and symbols like “-” and “_”

How can we change it properly?

if I read this sentence I think the first letter could be capital. But if give a name like “Test” it dosn’t work, but with “test” it’s no problem.
Here’s my test with the english userinterface:

Hi all,
what do you think about this message (in english):
“first character must be a lower letter, than only lower letters, numbers and symbols like “-” and “_”.No capital letters allowed.”

I think that probably it’s a bit too redundant but effective :slight_smile:

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I think this message says at first a letter not a number or symbol, after that only lower letters. That means for me the first letter could be a capital.

It looks clear to me! It has to be a letter and it must be lower.

I think the problem is the word than, it’s a synonym for as, but for me it dosn’t make sense in this sentence. Due to this fact and the german translation I think it should be then with “e”. But this means “after that”, and so I thought the first letter could be acapital.

What do you think about this error message:
At first a letter, then letters, numbers and symbols like “-” and “". All letters have to be small.
In german it is:
Als erstes ein Buchstabe, dann Buchstaben, Zahlen und Symbole wie “-” und "
”. Es dürfen nur Kleinbuchstaben verwendet werden.

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This is only a mistranlation not a bug imo. If your luanguage is set to german the message is not clear.
If you translate the german text to english it says:

First a charater, than only lower characters, numbers and symbols like.....

Maybe @hunv from german translation team can correct this?

If someone tells my how to search for the translation in Transifex, I can do that. But at the moment I simply don’t find it :frowning:

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I think it’s this one:

OK, changed it.


But the original english error message says the same, see my second post. So I think it has to be corrected in english too.

What if the sentence beginning with “No capital letters allowed.” ?

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I think this is a good idea.