Problem with FTP server


I try to setup an ftp server to scan documents directly to the scan shared folder.

I followed the instructions here to enable system user access to the ftp server and now I can no longer connect to the FTP server.

What can I do to restore the ftp server?

Thank you


NethServer Version: 7.7.1908
Module: web-server

Which kind of users did you enabled FTP access for? Virtual or system?
Could you please elaborate a bit more the user infrastructure of your server?

I run the code:

config setprop vsftpd UserType system

then I try to assign the right to login to the scan user with this code:

db accounts setprop scan FTPAccess enabled
db accounts setprop scan Shell /bin/bash
signal-event user-modify scan

I apply this configuration:

signal-event nethserver-vsftpd-save

When I try to connect to the server I receive an error (authentication failed - Connection failed - Permission Denied).

I use “active directory” domain and I set up a scan directory to store my scanned document.

If I use virtual user I can login to the server.