Problem with connection

NethServer Version: 7
Module: Proxy/Firewall

I have a problem with the navigation… When I open a page (i think is a problem only with google and its services like analytics & co.) it remains in loading state and says “Creazione di una connessione protetta in corso” (Creating a secure connection in progress)…

Any solution?

Federico Ballarini

Hello @federico.ballarini,

Maybe this could help you:

Feel free to provide logs like /var/log/squid/*…

I have insert google domains in whitelist and also in “Domain without proxy” but it’s the same.
I opened only 80 and 443 ports… google use other ports?

Do you have web content filtering active?
What about the logs in /var/log/squid?
Google usually just needs 80 and 443 AFAIK.

Yes, I have web content filtering active but I have insert google domains into whitelist.
My log files are too long… how can I do?

in console do this

tail -f /var/log/ufdbguard/ufdbguardd.log

and in web browser refresh page

if proxy block query, you find the locked category in this file

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If it is a log with time just take the time slice when the error occured. In other case reproduce the error and just take the last x lines of the log immediately. You can do it in the web UI in “Administration/Log Viewer” or via command line:

for getting the last 20 lines of /var/log/squid/access.log

…or do it with tail -f as @sharpec proposed

I would try to clear squid cache and browser cache first. Sometimes it helps. :wink:

​Proxy doesn’t block query.​

I will update you tomorrow.
Thanks to all.

I think that the problem is proxy cache… now I have disabled it and all is working, but I check the situation tomorrow.

I have also set google domains without proxy.

Now it’s working… if you know other google domains reply to this post.

Federico Ballarini

in fact I’m also having problems with google and the ssl transparent proxy in the last few days (never before). I’m forced to manually set up the proxy in Android connections

Can you test my solution?
And give me a feedback. Thanks…
Also if you know other google domains post it here.
Thanks a lot.

Doesn’t seem a permanent/proper fix, IMO the problem should be find out.

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In fact, the problem is in particular google but on other site https navigation is slowly than http navigation.
Someone can check this?
If someone of developers found this, can correct the bug?

Thanks… My network is composed by 250 computers, but on http and on google (that is excluded by proxy) it works very well and on https it is slow…

I think that I solve the problem, enabling the testing repo.

yum --enablerepo=nethserver-testing update squid

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