Problem using SNAT in n2n openvpn

-I have a public IP on a HUAWEI ISP router
-In the DMZ configuration I have the private IP of the Nethserver (a)
-I have another Nethserver (b) linked by n2n from openvpn
-I try to use SNAT to associate the public IP to an internal LAPTOP of the Nethserver (b) and to be able to use the RDP service
-In the red wan of Nethserver (b) it has as alias the local IP of the red wan of Nethserver (a)

Thanks for your help and if someone speaks Spanish and wants to connect through anydesk I am willing to pay for it

@Ricardo_Carlos i suggest you to provide a drawing of your network structure AND goals. Because if i get it right (and i am not sure about that) SNAT should not be necessary.

Also please detail the inner network subnets for site (a) and site (b). If you’re not willing to share the public ip address (I can understand why and that’s not a matter) use notations like aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd, specifing that you’re indicating the public ip addresses :wink:

Sharing details…
Soy italiano, no habla español, no puedo postular para brindar apoyo;)
I’m Italian, i don’t speak spanish so i cannot fit the tech role for this problem :wink:

The objective is that MY SERVER ( appears to have a public IP (

I will give you my gratitude in the form of money, but be patient with my terrible English

Personally i did never ever try do do something similar, but with this diagram, believe me, is really much easier to understand what you’re trying to do :slight_smile:

I beg you to try to help me, I have not slept well for several days


if we can get MY SERVER to respond from that’s fine