Problem to access Nextcloud using WebDav

I would like to view my Nextcloud photos and videos stored on my Nethserver within my home network using an Nvidia Shield (Android TV) device.
I learned from here that KODI could be used for this using the build in WebDAV protocol.
However, this did not work for me, it could not make the connection.

For test purpose I also tried to map it within windows explorer. Same issue.
I have a suspicion that it is due to a certificate issue. Could this be the case and would that mean that I should follow the Letsencrypt route as discribed in this wiki?

You’re right. I tested from Win Explorer and libreelec kodi and without valid cert on Nethserver it does not work.

Only if your Nethserver is not accessible from outside.
Otherwise it should be enough to get a letsencrypt cert via web UI.

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On kodi forums some users were talking about adding |verifypeer=false to the connection URL and maybe changing the Common Name of the self-signed certificate.

I have tried to get a certificate from Letsencrypt, but apparently my FQDN is not OK. It mentions “Domain name is not ending with a valid public suffix (TLD)”
Changing my Domain name also did not work. Is this possible at all, or should I start over from scratch?