Problem Sogo Authentication

Hi all,
i’m try to configure SOGO as groupware.
I install and update latest nethserver and i create active directory from server n°1.
I install another server for mail and groupware, so i install mail and SOGO modules.
I join this server to active directory, and insert the ldap credential take from active directory server.
Sogo module install well, but if i try to login i have a login error?
how can i fix the error?
If you need more info (log ecc) tell me.

i’have tried this:

but nothing change, the error is the same.

There was/is an issue with SOGo member servers connecting to the AD. In order to work around it, you need to specify LDAPS in the LDAP server URL, and set starttls to no, as shown below:


Also, ‘the error’ is non-descriptive.


this fix the problem.