Problem restoring configuration backup

NethServer Version: Nethserver 7.8.2003
Module: restore backup della configurazione

Ho appena installato l’ultima versione della community di Nethserver 7.8.2003 su macchina virtuale gestita da Proxmox (versione 6.2.6)

Non riesco a fare il restore del backup di configurazione presente sul server attualmente in uso (Nethserver enterprise versione 7.7.1908)
Questo è l’errore che vedo nei log del server:
cockpit-bridge: No entry for terminal type “unknow”
cockpit-bridge: Using dumb terminal server

Qualche soluzione? Grazie

Ciao Giorgio,

it would be preferable for you to use English in this community.

You can use - it works fine


I just installed the latest version of Nethserver 7.8.2003 community on a virtual machine managed by Proxmox (version 6.2.6)

I can’t restore the configuration backup on the server currently in use (Nethserver enterprise version 7.7.1908)
This is the error I see in the server logs:
cockpit-bridge: No entry for terminal type “unknow”.
cockpit-bridge: Using dumb terminal server

Any solutions? Thanks

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ok i’m sorry :frowning:
Thank you for tranlation

Can you give us some more information?
How did you back it up?
How are you trying to restore it?
Where do you see those error messages?

Someone can help here? @support_team @m.traeumner

Could you please try to setup a new server? Directly after installing login to cockpit and try to recover without installing anything before.

I have already done this test.

perhaps the problem is the difference between the Nethserver community version and the Nethserver Enterprise version. Maybe the repo files need to be changed?

Like @saitobenkei said, please give us some more details.

  • Where is the backup from, community or enterprise version?
  • Where did you try to recover?
  • Did you try to choose the same version?
  • What is your configuration (networks, apps, templates)?
    And of course the questions @saitobenkei asked:

first of all thank you for your attention.

the configuration backup is on an Enterprise version 7.7.1908 and I want to restore it on the virtual machine Nethesis community 7.8.2003 installed on proxmox

No :frowning:

Users account LDAP, Webtop, File server, Nextcloud, Fail to ban.

from the linux console with the tail -f / var / log / messages command

@giacomo Could this be a problem?

Yes probably.

@Giorgio, if you’re restoring an Enterprise backup, please open a ticket to Nethesis support.

ok, thank you