Problem Resolving Internal DNS using NS DC

Hi i have this scenario host windows can’t resolve file server.
this is the network:
fw01 (nethserver firewall) >>
dc01(samba ad domain controller) >>
srv01(file server) >>
gestionale(client windows) >>

gestionale,srv01 has join the dc.
The problem is gestionale can’t resove srv01 with the name.

I check on the DC01 if DNS Server is listen on 53 and this is the output but as i remember the dns service not using UDP instead TCP?

May I assume that the NSDC container is

Hi yes correct

So which is the IPv4 configuration of this Windows computer?


For non-capisc’-boot speaking persons…
Gateway is
DNS server is only, DC01 or the nethserver installation which is also bridging the DC container 192,168.100.3.

I’m not currently on a DC installation to run analogue tests, but nslookup on windows seems the tool to verify if the resolution is working as intended.
I’ am correct if I assume that srv01 had joined to DC?

yes the srv01 is joined remote domain controller as you can see:

Please, @Denis_Pollini, english speaking screenshots.
I am Italian and I can understand what’s written there, but not all users of this community are.
Glad to see a Firefox fellow. :slight_smile:

ok but i need to change the language of nethserver and windows for screenshoot is more tricky cause i need to change to english and back to italian continuosly.
But it it’s need i try to put in english version screenshoot
yes firefox best browser btw

Worth asking.
1: you can check on DC01 if DNS is reporting the host for srv01
2: you can use your DNS tools for Windows to look into NDSC, for finding out if the AD container held up by samba knows more about DNS records.

@Denis_Pollini did you crack the shell out of the issue?

Hi what did you mean if dns is reporting the host of srv01? where i need to go to verify that?
You mean this page?