Problem obtaning Let's Encrypt certificate

NethServer Version: 7.6
Module: Certificate

I’m obtaining this error when I try to request a certificate… how can I solve? It seems a sudo permission error

Questa lezione dovrebbe essere stata impartita dall’amministratore di sistema locale. Solitamente equivale a: #1) Rispettare la privacy degli altri #2) Pensare prima di digitare #3) Da grandi poteri derivano grandi responsabilità sudo: nessun tty presente e nessun programma di richiesta password specificato

How did you do the request? Via the server manager or the cli?


This lesson should have been given by the local system administrator. Usually it is equivalent to: # 1) Respect the privacy of others # 2) Think before typing # 3) From big powers derive big responsibility sudo: no tty present and no password request program specified

server manager

There must have been some customization I guess.

I don’t have any customization… who is the user that execute the command for certificate installation?

Maybe this helps:[]=encrypt

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I do this command and it works:

yum --enablerepo=nethserver-testing install nethserver-base nethserver-httpd nethserver-letsencrypt
config setprop pki LetsEncrypt enabled

I think it was missing nethserver-letsencrypt package.
Thank you.

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