Problem Nextcloud Mail Apps

Hi all

I install Mail App on Nextcloud and if i try to add email account i receive this error “Unexpected error during account creation”

I enable debug mode in Nextcloud and if i check the log i have this error:

[mail] Errore: IMAP error synchronizing account 14: You do not have adequate permissions to carry out this operation.

If i check this log /var/lib/nethserver/nextcloud/horde_imap.log
S: * LIST () “/” Public
S: * NO [NOPERM] Permission denied
S: * LIST () “/” Public/Junk
S: * NO [NOPERM] Permission denied

I found another thread on Github for this problem:

Seems the problem are permission on Shared Folder is there a fix or possible to disable?

Yes, you need to set permissions:

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Hi thank you, now it works

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