Problem Nethserver as Domain Member and file sharing

NethServer Version: 7.7.1908 (final)
Module: File sharing

Dear at all,

i use Nethserver as an domain member in a zentyal domain where zentyal is the PDC.
I connect nethserver as an Member and can see all acl in the section “users and groups”.
I have created an new shared folder and give an user write and read permission.
Now to my problem. The user can only access the mainfolder and files which are placed in the mainfolder.
All subfiles and subfolders are not allowed to access for this user.
What i am doing wrong here?
If you need some more input for help please let me know.

many thanks

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Have you already take a look of this section of documentation?

I have read this yes.
But if i am right there is no solution or description that solve my problem.



Sorry i saw my problem.

“At any time, the Reset permissions button propagates the shared folder UNIX permissions and POSIX ACLs to its contents.”

But for my knowing. If i do this one time it will be set for all time(new generated folders and files)?
If i add more users for access the permissions will be on the same way?

many thanks

best regards

It sounds a little like recursive ACL’s needs to be applied so that new files/sub-folders underneath the root of the share are applied. Did you set the “When directory is created in share folder” to Grant full control to the owner of the parent directory? From the link/doc above the share is “owned” by the defined “owning group” you select and any sub-folder created there after will still be owned by the defined group the member is apart of.

-edit- I too have a Zen. 6.1 PDC with NS joined.

yes i have set exactly this setting. But i have the situation that i dont want that all users that have read and write permissions are the owner. I want to avoid that is possible to set settings in windows.
Means if a normal user is the owner he can garant read and write permissions to other users over windows.
I want to avoid this.
I give the owner to the group administarors.
And the rest should be not owner only user.

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To me this just sounds like a design & planning problem. When the selected “Grant full control to the owner of the parent directory” the permissions should be set in that the Owning Group defined at time of the share creation and that all sub folders/files are also apart of that primary Owning Group.

You may need multiple groups defined within the one file share(s). From my testing only those users defined in your groups associated to the file share can access them and any/all files and folders revert to the primary Owning Group regardless of which user in any of the authorized read/write groups created said items. I have not been able to share any files with other users who were not defined in my authorized group(s) to the file share. I have also not been able to change the file share permission settings via Windows regardless of access level to the share.