Problem installing NS8 on Centos 9 Stream

I get the following

Generating api-server password:
Generating node password:
AUTH failed: WRONGPASS invalid username-password pair or user is disabled.

And finally this

Writing manifest to image destination
Extracting container filesystem ui to /var/lib/nethserver/cluster/ui/apps/traefik1
Assertion failed
  File "/var/lib/nethserver/cluster/actions/add-module/50update", line 182, in <module>
    agent.assert_exp(add_module_result['exit_code'] == 0)

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Equally on Debian getting the error

Set kernel parameters:
/var/lib/nethserver/node/ line 39: sysctl: command not found
Create the api-server user:
/var/lib/nethserver/node/ line 43: useradd: command not found

Forced to add the following

should this be the case for debian?

Just curious, why would you want to install NS8 on an unsupported OS?

According to this, its supported
System requirements — NS8 documentation (

Equally, we are deploying build and testing servesr

I stand corrected.

ps. However, I seem to remember discussions where only rocky linux was the officially supported OS. I can’t find it atm, that is the issue with threads and discussions, way too many of them in too many places/tags. Hence I prefer a wiki and up to date official documentation.

Look at traefik1 App in the Logs page: any other information?

Maybe is faster!