Problem Install Collabora

Hi all

I install Collabora CODE from Software Center and after perform this step i found on:

The steps i perfom are this:

I have install the packet “Collabora CODE” from the software center

config setprop coolwsd VirtualHost
signal-event nethserver-collabora-update

I request Let’s Encrypt Certificate for the FQDN of the Nethserver and btw the domain is the same

But i have this error:

can you open in the browser of you computer


I can open i arrive on login of Nethserver Machine Cockpit

that is not good

If you do it is not the cockpit page you must have because it is full 443

Can u try to disable the certificate verification


Nothing change

i get here:

Set in the cockpit landing page that is local domain (alias name of the server), maybe it could help, set the same for


I now it works, i add and as an Alias ofmy FQDN in Cockpit Dashboard and now the server is connect

Thanks a lot

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then your dns is not well set and probably letsencrypt cannot work properly.

You must have A record in your dns provider to and


Maybe because i have Nethserver Samba DC and i join the machine has NextCloud and i have to add in DNS of Domain Controller these domain:

In my Domain Provider i already add a A record for and with the same Public IP Address.

Btw collabora now is working but is complete bugging look:

if i try to copy a cell it’s not work:


try to update the collabora version
yum update --enablerepo=collaboraoffice


After update seems to fix now, is little bit slower compare to Google Docs, and i have 4 core 8 GB Ram to this VM and NVME Disk with 1 GB/s connection

For the DNS Problem i need to add the domain and to the DNS of the Nethserver DC?

Thanks :slight_smile:

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no to your dns provider where you registered

I already have on my DNS Provider.

Btw on the Smartphone Android i have i have install Nextcloud APP but if i try to open a document he says "loading takes a long time … " and doesn’t open

new problem ==> new thread

You’re right :wink:

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