Problem getting Reverse Proxy to work

NethServer release 7.6.1810 (final)
reverse proxy

Hello Team,

I’ve used reverse proxy before. I had this post from last year where I finally figured out my problem. I’m trying it again for another task but it’s not working this time. Hoping someone can see my error:

I have installed latest edition of Onlyoffice on a new CentOS server (I know I can add it to my Nethserver but for now I’m keeping it separate).
I access my onlyoffice server using the following address:
I’ve created a reverse proxy entry in my Nethserver as follows:
Name: onlyoffice
Target URL:
I’ve checked the ‘Require SSL encrypted connection’.

My Nethserver address is:

So I should be able to access my Onlyoffice using:

Instead I’m getting an error of 404 not found.

What am I doing wrong to set this up and use HTTPS for my onlyoffice?

Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide.

why target url is http and not https?

Target URL is http because that’s how the onlyoffice server was setup…with no SSL cert. So I’m using reverse proxy to be able to use my Nethserver SSL cert to connect to my Onlyoffice.

Am I using reverse proxy correctly?
Do I need to do anything else on my Onlyoffice server to have the Nethserver SSL cert be used so I can connect to my Onlyoffice with HTTPS?


Did you try host only like Target URL: ?

In some cases path reverse proxy is not working properly. What about using another subdomain like with a virtual host reverse proxy?