Printer installation via GPO

Nethserver 7.9

Hello everybody . I was wondering if through GPO I can share a printer configured on cups for all windows clients. At the moment it is regularly seen on the net, but I wanted to install it automatically. I use GPO for windows rules, network mappings and more, but haven’t found a way how to do it on nethserver.

You can not do this on Nethserver;

GPO’s can be configured with Remote Server Administration Tools (rsat).

Starting with Windows 10 October 2018 Update, RSAT is included as a set of “Features on Demand” in Windows 10 itself.

Do not ask me how though…


Mark is right, you need to use Windows RSAT, Group Policy Management tools is what you are looking for, but i can tell you, printers, especially the non-network ones are a pain to setup there :-/, especially if you have more than one operational system in your network.


Yes Mark, I had previously written that I use RSAT, in fact I risk creating GPOs and more. I haven’t found a way to configure printers and driver unloading automatically via GPO. I hope I have understood correctly, unfortunately I have to translate from Google … However, with RSAT to date I have done several things, but I believe that it is not possible to install via GPO a network printer shared by nethserver’s AD as I have not found or lacked the management of the print servers by DI AD.

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that is working fine :grinning: (gg translate: che sta funzionando benissimo)

@ssabbath seems to have dealt with it…

gg translate:
ma posso dirti, le stampanti, specialmente quelle non di rete, sono un problema da installare lì :tired_face:

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I really dont remember but ther is a way to sendo drivers too.

I did this in a 2012R2 server, so a while ago… if i find anything i make a tutorial.

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Yes excellent, practically the printer is installed via GPO (on windows server) and accompanied by drivers depending on the operating system that