Presentation, Hello and... guide me here!

Hello community,

First of all, a big “hello, im new” to you all.

I’m “new-ish” to nethserver, i currently have it in production in a “big” professional project with the help of nethesis paid services (wich btw, i totally recommend).

I’ve been able to find my way through a few problems using this board, so now i feel like i should begin to participate a bit.

I hope this is the right place to post this… still trying to figure out the interface.

Here you have an e-beer --> :beer:


Ehi Jorge! Welcome here.
Absolutely, you’re part of this community and thanks for breaking the ice.
Finally I can see your face :slight_smile: /cc @davidep
I let you know that we have a lot of Spanish people and spanish speakers too /cc @spanish_team

Sharing what you have learned so far it’s the biggest gift you can make us :gift: :gift:

That was a fast reply! :smiley:

Yeah i know i took my time… my bad :blush:

Will share what i can for sure!

Actually… how can i join the @spanish_team… or do i need to apply?

Encantado mucho, nice to have you here.
Grettings from viena! :wink:


You can freely join :slight_smile: