Preauthentication failed

My log is filing up with preauthentication failed, SSSD [KRB5_CHILD…

This seems to increase and then i lose connection to the server, both external access to SOGO and email.

Rebooting seems to fix the issue for a while.

I disabled fail2ban for a while and that seem to improve it but after a while would still require a reboot.

Kernel release 3.10.0-1160.66.1
Nethserver 7.9.2009(Final)

Memory, swap and cpu all seem fine.

Any ideas?

Which clients do you use?

Does it help to just restart the sssd service?

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Sorry when i say clients i meant windows client pc, accessing via a web browser.

I’ve not tried restarted SSSD service though a reboot seems to fix it for a while