PPP0 Network card not displayed

i’m newby on this setup and I have a problem to discovery my VPN network card (ppp0) because I must use openfortivpn client to connect to my company.
I’m running on 7.7.1908 version and I need to enable this card on my installation because i’m on “smart-working” as requested by Italian law about “coronavirus”(covid-19).

I need to use this server to do routing to ppp0 because me and my wife need to be connected at same time.

Can you help me?


welcome to Nethserver community.

Sorry, I don’t understand. Do you want to use an USB device?

Forticlient should be easily installable on Nethserver:

yum install openfortivpn

Maybe a static route is enough?


thanks to all but i think i don’t explain correctly my issue.
I’ve installed openfortivpn, running correctly and company server were reachable.

I would like to use nethserver to routing request from another two workstation to this interface(ppp0) to reach server from these workstation.

It is possible?
I’ve modified some files on nethserver but after reboot with replaced with a standard

vi /etc/shorewall/interfaces
vi /etc/shorewall/zones
vi /etc/shorewall/rules
vi /etc/shorewall/policy

I hope I explain my problem better and you have a solution form me.


I don’t know if NethServer, as is, can be a “client” VPN for other infrastructure other than IPSec or OpenVPN.
That does not exclude that with opportune adaptation written into config DB this could be achieved.

Am i wrong or openfortivpn is a client for Fortigate firewalls?
Maybe a NAT connection for multiple computers connected with one client is not supported on the Fortigate side…

openfortivpn is a free cliet for Fortigate.

I use this solution on another CentOS system on my home farm but i would like to use only one server to run as i need:

  • Webserver (multisite)
  • Backup domain controller
  • Mailserver
  • Cloud Server

And i think nethserver is a solution!!!
There’s no way to add manually ppp0 to configuration file and put in permanent?