Powerchute service

NethServer Version: 7.9.2009
Module: mail, cloud
I ve Installed PowerChute software (pcns441Linux -x86-64) in nethserver machine with cloud and mail module activacted.
All done and service running proprerly

After that I’ve to continue setting via web at https://nethserver-ip:6547, But I’m not able to reach the Powerchute server installed inside to my nethserver.
I’ve checked port state in nethserver machine

The 6547 port it is in listen mode
I’ tried also to create new service for open 6547 port, in nethserver “service page”

In finally I’m not able to reach PowerChute from my browser
Same installation has been done in CentoS machine and PowerChute work properly, I’m able to open setting page via browser.
Can someone help me ?

I can’t reproduce the issue. After creating a service (like you did), I can access powerchute via https://NethIP:6547.

You may try to disable the firewall to check if it’s really the cause of the problem:

shorewall clear

Enable firewall again after testing:

signal-event firewall-adjust

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That is fine, problem was in our network firewall interzone setting. Thank
Please can I use the systemctl command for firewall ?

You can use it like

systemctl status shorewall

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