Postfix sending non-deliveries notifications because of spam?

NethServer Version: 7.4
Module: Mail


Is there something that changed recently in the way postfix refuses mails when they are considered as spam ? It looks like it tries to answer to the sender address, which is most of the time false.

554 5.7.0 Reject, id=23712-05 - spam (in reply to end of DATA command))       

This makes my ISP smtp (smarthost) consider me as a spammer. And I found a lot of non deliverable mails in the mail queue.

Any idea how to make postfix simply throw spams away instead of answering ?


Not sure what happened here. Right now everything is working as usual, I simply deleted the offending messages in the mail queue.

I’ll investigate further if needed.


Hi, me again.

The problem came again. I confirm it looks to be related to the fact is sending non deliveries to spammers. Most of the mails are sent to non-existent users.

Is there a way to stop it send those kind of reject messages (those sent by MAILER-DAEMON) that piles up in the mail queue ? And make it bounce instead ?

@filippo_carletti maybe ?


Ref :

rspamd reject email :slight_smile:

EDIT, I misunderstood the question, postfix answers by a non-existent users before we can reject…but rspamd needs test of course

In nethserver-testing:


Do you have something to test @stephdl ? :slight_smile: Something reasonably ready for production (family, 10 users) ?

Confirmed, we need to play at the postfix level and reject when the email does not exist

test it before on a VM :smiley:
test also the upgrade :slight_smile:

ok no problem of upgrade
Error: nethserver-mail2-server conflicts with nethserver-mail-server-1.11.0-1.13.g98b53cb.ns7.noarch
Error: nethserver-mail2-common conflicts with nethserver-mail-common-1.6.6-1.18.g159860c.ns7.noarch

Yep, it is true that bouncing instead of rejecting would also bounce “legit” mails (those with a typo and in the email address).

Hi - I started a new thread regarding this issue, please follow this one : Backscatter mails not catched by Mail2?