Postfix maximum number of (SMTP / relay) connections


is there an elegant way to limit the number of connections in the e-mail server?
My relay host only supports a temporary connection, but you cannot set this up in the GUI.

Or I’m blind :wink:


Can you explain a little bit more?

What do you mean? Simultaneous connections?

Of course, I send my emails via a smart host to my DynDNS provider.

However, this only accepts an (active) connection between my Postfix server and its mail server.

He strongly advises to limit the number of connections to one.

Relay 1

The problem is, when my internet connection tweaks again, all mails in the queue queue, and as soon as the connection is back, Postfix tries to send all messages at once.
However, only one after the other should be sent there.


Maybe @stephdl can help! :slight_smile:

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Unfortunately not via GUI (yet). You may set limits for processes and deliveries in postfix but there are a lot of options:

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Please check the answer of this issue

It seems that it sent one email at a time each second.

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