Postfix change submission port

NethServer Version: 7.6.1810
Hi all,
how can i add to postfix a custom submission port to bypass some limitation adopted by some DSL provider?
I’m talking about vodafone, wind and other italian providers who don’t allow sending email bypassing their SMTP
I didnt find any example in wiki, could I simply modify postfix/ and add the rule to shorewall?

Changing Postfix submission port is not supported.
If the provider is blocking it, please ask them for support.

Otherwise, to workaround the problem, use a port forward to redirect the traffic from another port to 587. :wink:

If you want really to try changing Postfix config, you need to create a template-custom for this fragment:

(As a side note, I never experienced such problems with any Italian provider)

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really? I had problems with too (provider in germany) not only with wind and vodafone
Anyway I think I will use port forward, simpler and faster without hacking the templates, thanks for the suggestion.

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oops … it was not wind, i’m sorry for it, it was fastweb

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I have a Fastweb vdsl at my home with a pseudo-static IP and Ididn’t have any problems without having to change submission port or use the smarthost.

As for Vodafone, I’ve seen that most of the times the IPs they release for connectivity are blacklisted.

From inside of your home network, are you able send email on both port 587 and 465 to a remote mailserver not hosted by fastweb or to a server identified only by its IP address? well… nice to ear it, maybe they stopped firewalling outbound emails…
I asked it only because it happened to many of my customers and I found that the simplier workaround was using not standard ports.