Possible Database misconfiguration (Backup broken)

NethServer Version: 7.7.1908

I apologize for not reading the documentation sooner, as I would have not run into this issue. But I believe that when I changed my root password for MariaDB that I broke the built in backup software.

I keep getting this error, upon checking literally every log I can think of I only get this.
Backup: backup
Backup started at 2020-02-03 10:53:10
Event pre-backup-data: FAIL
Backup status: FAIL

Log file: /var/log/backup/backup-backup-202002031053.log

I’ve since changed the root user password back to the one thats kept in the secrets folder. But I believe the damage to be done. I really dont want to revert to a previous backup, as that would make changes that would put me days of work behind.

Is there anything I could do? I can’t really find anything anywhere else that has been helpful.

Thank you for your help!

Could you follow these instructions? Backup-Data Failing with S50mysql-dump-tables FAILED