Posfix/Dovecot/Sogo => Microsoft/Android clients

Hello all,

I am relatively new to Nethserver, but know my way around enough to have migrated a Windows domain to Nethserver and get rid of the first one all together. The only thing that remains a bit of an issue is the fact that I am not able to provide the same services that users have come to expect from Exchange, on Nethserver.
I am not entirely sure if I am the issue, or the dovecot implementation on Nethserver … so yeah, … help ? :smile:

Most things work, but when using best practices and creating usernames that do not incorporate the real name or email alias, the fun starts.

Using an IMAP connection, receiving parties will get the alias email as the from: address. This is desired.
Using an Exchange Acticesync connection, the email adres will be username@domain.topleveldomain

In the first case you get to tell the email client what to use. EAS just uses the email adres for user-x.

The later is extremely undesired, as the whole point of using email aliasses, is preventing guess work on the usernames. Now, we are giving them away, defeating one of the purposes for aliasses.
It would be nice if Nethserver would be capable of setting a ‘use as default’ flag on an alias, making that the email alias used on outgoing mail for Exchange activesync connections. Given this will be most mobile devices, this would really help.

Next, and maybe related, is mailbox sharing. I can not for the life of me get this to work given previously mentioned setup with aliasses. Not even in the SoGO interface with the SoGO interface, logging in as user@domain.com Is there a limitation on this when using Samba AD ?

Same is true for shared calendars using MS outlook or Android devices. It doesnt work, tho setting it doesnt return errors.

Does anybody have a situation where they created an Samba4 AD domain, use normalized usernames like ‘user00abc’ with email alias ‘John.Smith@domain.com’ and working shared calendars and shared inboxes ? Please tell me what magic you performed …

I have been over dovecots forum and documentation as well as nethservers documentation regarding configuration of the mail server, and this just refuses to work. Am I doing something extremely wrong here or is this is less used scenario that has some ironing needing done ?