Portuguese people?

(Paulo Rodrigues) #10

And is a discrimination, because not all have to know English, and this people need help to.

Best regards

(Stefano) #11

it’s a forum rule, not mine

for example, all NS devs are from italy and there are many users from italy too…
who created this forum/community choose not to have any language but english…

please adhere to this rule, thank you

(Paulo Rodrigues) #12

I don’t like that rule :frowning:

(Paulo Rodrigues) #13

limits the communication

(Stefano) #14

I’m sorry and yes, I agree with you that this rule can lead to communication problems…

anyway, I see many non english native speaker here, coming from the whole world… just use google translate if is the case…
finally, I’d love to speak portoguese as you write in english… :wink:


No, no, no… I’m not agree

You like IT… You are here. :smiley:
Unfortunally, in this IT world, practise english language is not a mandatory, but is strongly recommended.

Come here to practise your english too :wink:
You don’t need too have a Shakespeare level, only technical level. So, it’s not a limitation, It will bring opportinities, even in real life.

(Paulo Rodrigues) #16

I agree with that, but try to put in the skin of one person that don’t know nothing of English, and want to try nethserver.
It’s not unfair to him because he don’t know nothing of English?

That was my concern.

(Davide Principi) #17

Portuguese translation of the UI is almost complete


The online help is completely missing

Also the Administrator’s manual is not available in your language

…but I think the Portuguese language team welcomes any help!


IMHO, if we want to help Portuguese (and any other language) people who don’t know English we should put our efforts in translating the resources above at first!

If you are interested, join @jgjimenezs and the other friends of translations_team.

(Paulo Rodrigues) #18

If you want any help to translate, I can help.

Best Regards

(Davide Principi) #19

I recall the Spanish translation of online help files.

That thread contains a lot of useful notes to start with. I’m here to lend my hand for the technical aspect!

(Alessio Fattorini) #20

Ehi Paulo, thank you for your post! You’re right, it limits the communication , as a matter of fact many people shared with me the same feelings, they are not comfortable with English and it’s hard for them to ask help in such language, my English is bad as well. :disappointed_relieved:
Times ago we have chosen to build a community English-only because:

  • moderate a multi-lingual community is really time-consuming and needs many different people
  • we have to write stuff in multiple languages and it’s too hard. Believe me, i did it :expressionless:
  • give support in a language different from English could fragment information. If I find here a useful error but the discussion is in Russian, it makes me really uncomfortable :confounded:

Let me give you another example, many people here has understood nothing about the beginning of the discussion and you have forced most of the people here to use google translate. What do you think? Isn’t the same?
You’ll force around 600 people to translate your post, to make comfortable just 5 :laughing: that’s not fair!

As I said, we can do an exception for translators:
It is possible have a hangouts with team members?

I’m open to suggestion about this topic and I am keen to hear what others think

We need to change our behaviour here at NethServer Community
(Alex Carvalho) #21

I’ve been doing the translation in Brazilian Portuguese at least 30 minutes a day.
I took a diminished in rhythm due to work. But whenever I can do.

(Alessio Fattorini) #22

I saw your work is amazing! Thanks for your help, how can I return the favour? :smile:

(Alex Carvalho) #23

The Brazilian Team on Transifex.


There’s more Nethserver instances in Brazil than in all the rest of South America :soccer:

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(Adrián Prado Castro) #26

Hey amigos, Saudações!

Dois dias atrás @alefattorini acolheu uma canoa que chegou ao porto da tribo com 53 novos habitantes, dos quais alguns falam Português.

Trago comigo para falar com mais confiança e ajudá-los a ter uma maior capacidade de resposta à dinâmica da renda da comunidade. Eles são:

  • @NunoRomao - Nuno Romao - Portugal
  • @ImGroot - Lucas Santos - Brazil
  • @lnxit - Lnx-IT - Brazil
  • @Humberto - Barbosa - Brazil
  • @eisenheim - Charles Hack - Brazil
  • @StreetGuru - Fred - Portugal. (Ter mais tempo com nós)

De antemão agradeço-lhe por ter-nos em sua língua nativa.

(bruno carneiro) #27

Pessoal, tem algum grupo no Telegram do NethServer?

(Alessio Fattorini) #28

I don’t think so, you can chat here in you language as you like :slight_smile:

(bruno carneiro) #29

But you did not answer in my language :slight_smile: Thankyou man