Ports are open?

NethServer Version: 7.3 Final
Module: Firewall
Here are the modules that are installed on this box:
Basic Firewall
Deep Packet Inspection
File Server
Intrusion Prevention System
Reverse proxy
Web filter
Web proxy
and the Antivirus Scanner and ddns client kindly shared by @stephdl

I ran a port scan and discovered that there were 3 ports open to the web that I didn’t anticipate and was curious if there was a reason that they are open with the services that I have running.
TCP 80 shows http (I anticipated this)
TCP 443 shows https (I anticipated this also)
I didn’t anticipate these:
TCP 2601 shows discp-client in port scanner
TCP 49152
TCP 51515

Does anyone have any thoughts? Thank you in advance.

fuser -vn tcp 2601

TCP 49152 >> Supermicro IPMI?

@filippo_carletti and @dnutan,
I thank you both. I believe I understand about port 2601 now, but [quote=“dnutan, post:3, topic:7487, full:true”]
TCP 49152 >> Supermicro IPMI?
[/quote] scared me when I read about it. I’ve implemented a short term fix (additional firewall) until I can learn more and have time to fix it for good. Thank you both once again.

–Credit for both of you for the solution.